New Arkhênum in situ digitization workshop installed

In the course of its 4 years framework agreement with the Seine-Maritime Regional Archives (France), Arkhênum had installed recently a complete iconographic studio. After completion of the iconographic project, Arkhênum just installed a new digitization workshop dedicated this time to bound documents and registers. Our 2 scanning operator just started the project and will work in 2 shifts. This project will last until the end of December and will be dealing with legal registers, civil registers, …

A new Arkhênum digitization workshop just got started in Brussels

A new Arkhênum in situ digitization workshop just opened in Brussels (Belgium). Our operator will scan 639 note pads belonging to the botanist Paul Duvigneaud. 40 000 images will be generated in the CIVA offices and will include botanic collections, drawings, handwritten notes. More info about the in situ workshop:
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