Arkhênum sees big with its news scanners!

Arkhênum just acquired a new type of scanner for A1 format documents which will deliver higher productivity and optimum quality. Our operators will use this scanner especially for over-sized old press registers, atlas…

Arkhênum sees big with its new scanners

New scanners just got incorporated to the Arkhênum production workshops. The aim is to offer even more possibilities related to over size documents be they heritage documents or activity one.
The first new type of scanner now available for your projects is dedicated to oversize activity documents (maps, posters, …) up to 1524mm width. Meet the Contex HD Ultra X!

New Arkhênum 360° digitization project just performed for a famous cosmetic manufacturer. The objects originating from the historic collections of the brand are composed of beauty care products, lacquer bottles, slimming jelly, …

New 360° projects in action: pop up books for children from the City of Paris Heritage public libraries.