Lontad project: 7.5 million pages digitized so far

Digitization of the League of the Nations Archives – More than 7.5 million pages have been digitized so far in only 2 years. The project is only halfway and will last 2 more years.  In order to celebrate this milestone and the success of this project (in which Arkhênum collaborates),  the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva is offering you in video a behind the scenes tour of it. Click here

And still available more than 200 000 pages of these archives which can be consulted on the following digital library brought to you by Arkhênum: Cliquez ici

ITU’s Digital library integrates new issues for the year 2019

Digital libraries are not only about ancient Heritage collections. It’s a continuous process. A good  example is ITU’s Digital Library whose aim is to communicate the ITU’s journals from 1869 on. The Digital Collections start from 1869 up to these days.

So even if 2019 issues are quite recent, ITU is consolidating its Heritage collections now. One of the issue is unfortunately quite actual: « Monitoring our changing planet ». Click here to access to it