Nos solutions technologiques

In order to perform its services dedicated to the preservation of Cultural and Industry Heritage, Arkhênum benefits from the latest technologies.

Our production teams use different kinds of scanners in order to offer our clients the highest level of productivity and thus value for money while guaranteeing the quality of the images and the integrity of the documents. We have the largest production unit in Europe.

Our production tools / scanners are dispatched in our own production sites, and also in the workshops installed at our clients’ premises. 140 production units have been installed and managed successfully so far. We run up to 15 in situ projects at the same time.


scanners and automatic scanners




typologies industry software (OCR, segmentation, …)

State of the art production scanners

Each document due to its specificity will need to be digitized with specific scanners and manipulated accordingly.

Our range of 70 scanners each dedicated to specific documents will generate 18 million images up to the A00 format each year.

Our digitization workshops are mobile and can also be installed at your premises or the ones of our partners near you.

Industry software to control and enrich the images

The phase of processing the images generated before delivery is a crucial step. A number of procedures are launched:

  • Quality control by exhaustiveness or sampling
  • Control of the centring, the neatness, …
  • Metadata integration
  • Ocerisation
  • Segmentation
  • Creation of bookmarks
  • Manual indexing
  • Generation of multiple formats (jpeg, PDF, …)

Arkhênum benefits from an all in one software Suite which enables our teams to manage the majority of the processes in one single platform. We use also specific software developed by our engineers for your dedicated purposes.

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