Arkhênum à Berlin

Arkhênum settles permanently in Berlin

To be of greater use to heritage wherever it may be, Arkhênum has recently opened new preservation and digitization centres in Geneva and Berlin, in addition to those we already have in Bordeaux and Paris. As well as these permanent sites, we also work on site on your premises. Another project in Germany, this time in situ, will soon be starting up in Leipzig in a nationwide German organisation.


Our Berlin centre has three digitization operators, a quality control officer, a project manager and a contract manager.


This project concerns the digitization of 42,000 files for a total of 2.4 million views to be generated as part of a two-year contract. The files held in the principal Brandenburg regional archives are mainly unbound documents in A4 and smaller, with other formats up to A1. Before digitization, the documents will be restored and prepared, a phase which began in late 2020.


This digitization is done on behalf of the Brandenburg Police as part of the project Electronic evaluation of personal files of the Asset Review Office of the Berlin-Brandenburg Finance Council Presidency (1933-1945). The aim is to determine how many artworks were despoiled during the Nazi regime and where they are.


These documents come from the German financial administration in Potsdam for the period 1933-1945. The archives that have to be digitized are files from the financial management during the Nazi period and include official and ancillary documents. As the documents were used even after the dissolution of this top financial institution, many of them contain more recent documents dating from the 1960s and beyond.


The project was praised in the German press and on the website as well as by the German Centre for Damaged Cultural Heritage.

The work is done in Großbeeren in the Berlin suburbs in a centre that also offers a permanent physical archiving service of documents. Arkhênum in Germany:

Märkische Allee 45
14979 Großbeeren- Allemagne

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