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The National Institute of Art History (INHA) was created in 2001 as a public institution under the joint supervision of the ministers responsible for higher education, research and culture. The Institute’s mission is to develop scientific activity and contribute to international scientific cooperation in the field of art history and heritage.
In this perspective of knowledge dissemination, the Library of the INHA-collections Jacques Doucet offers to the consultation, in the Ovale room of the Richelieu quadrilateral in Paris, 1.4 million documents of all types, described in its catalogue and in the inventories of heritage funds.

Only a small part of these funds has been digitized for the moment.
(600,000 images in total, of which 550,000 can be consulted online, i.e. about 15,000 documents).

Anne Weber

IT documentary and digitization manager


It is to promote these exceptional collections, but also to facilitate their consultation and preservation that the INHA Library started its digitization program in 2002, and put in service a digital library in 2006.
“Since 2002-2003, we have implemented a digitization program for our collections. We selected the documents to be digitized according to several criteria and in particular their interest for research in the history of art and archaeology, as well as their rarity.
To enrich further this digital library, important digitization programs are in progress (several hundred collections of ornaments, several thousand catalogues of art sales, …). This is why an interface allowing a simple management of the online collections line and, for the end-users, an effective search and a pleasant consultation, is essential”.

INHA chose Limb Gallery to highlight its collections

Benefits of the chosen solution

The choice of Limb Gallery for the digital library of INHA is explained by the many visualization and consultation features offered by this solution. The fluidity of the zoom and the ability to view and download the images and text are particularly popular with users.
Beyond the visual aspect, it is the power of the solution (search engine with auto-completion and preview of the results, facets, walls of 3D images, geo-referencing …) and its constant developments which seduced the INHA.
On the other hand, the permalinks generated by the solution make it easy to share the digitized documents. Embedded in online catalogue records, they improve the visibility of the digital library.

15 000

documents are available online in the digital library: books and prints, autographs, drawings,
photographs, ...


of visitors regularly visit the INHA digital library.

2, rue Vivienne, 75002 paris – France
Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 03 89 00 / E-mail :
Director of the library: Martine Poulain
Digital library:


For the past 3 years, the digital library of INHA has continued to see its traffic increase. On average, 500 visitors visit it each day and stay longer than 4 minutes *. Thanks to the efficient back office of the digital library, INHA can continue to supply its digital library regularly and independently: about 100 new documents are put online each month.

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