To remember and record a company’s history

is to build on its future and preserve its heritage


The Heritage of Rémy Martin has long been anchored in the marketing and commercial culture at Maison Rémy Martin, and in the service of the employees. At a very early stage, the generations which have successively run this prestigious company founded in Cognac (France) in 1724, have committed to perpetuate its know-how and its history. This concern has led this company to keep a wide variety of documents: correspondence, dockets, books of accounts, internal reviews but also a collection of items of different types (decanters, lithographic stones). The company had already had some documents digitized by Arkhênum in 2016, for conservation purposes.
We wanted to go further to realign the Heritage of the company as an anchoring element for any strategic considerations conducted by the Maison Rémy Martin. This approach makes perfect sense since the Heritage division is located in Cognac, while the Communication and Commercial teams are located in Paris.
Micaëlle Amoussou Coussy

Director of Heritage at the Maison Rémy Martin


The preservation of these historical testimonies was undertaken very early on. Over the years, inventories were kept by staff members and by persons outside of the company. Each contributed their expertise to the documents. This has led to different inventory formats from one contributor to another (excel for some, word for others) and the description fields could vary from one author to another. The Maison Rémy Martin turned to Arkhênum and to its heritage division in particular, to carry out this task of the data structuring and then the deployment of a centralized tool used for the internal communication of heritage collections.

Provision of validated historical archives

The Audit assignment ordered by the Maison Rémy Martin called for a tool that centralizes the company’s archives and that provides descriptions of the collections and the images of the documents. The Rémy Martin and Arkhênum teams conducted a joint study to define the functions and the uses of this database. As the scope of work has been completed, the Arkhênum heritage division has implemented the means to achieve the objectives set out. The work process set out is conducted in various phases and involves extensive expertise. An initial inventory mission of the collections lasting 3 months was conducted on site. This was carried out by an archivist-historian from the heritage division. The purpose was to achieve the inventory checking of the collections on the basis of the descriptive fields defined in advance and to identify the truly historical documents to be digitized. Meanwhile the process of cleaning up the existing files inherited from previous works is carried out by an archivist in the premises of Arkhênum. The objectives remain the same as in phase 1: homogenize the collections and identify the truly historical documents to be digitized. Following these 2 phases, a digitization campaign of the identified collections (iconography, paper documents...) will be conducted to develop the future database. The Arkhênum teams manage the projects holistically and thereby offer the Maison Rémy Martin a turn-key and intuitive tool in order to encourage the teams to use it.
Maison Rémy Martin 20 rue de la Société Vinicole - 16100 Cognac - France Tel: +33 (0)5 45 35 76 19 Institutional website: https://www.remymartin.com Visits website: http://www.visitesremymartin.com

The company’s history, a competitive advantage

To face the future with confidence, a company must be able to rely on verified and founding sources of its activity. With these material testimonies accessible via intranet, different departments (Marketing, Legal, Research and Development) will benefit from extra resources to work and establish the legitimacy of the company to its market. Internet eliminates the necessity to travel between the headquarters and Cognac and enables the communication and sales departments located in Paris to perform their documents searches in real-time. This tool of course will evolve progressively as the digitization campaign continues as well as with new technologies. The company is already considering digitizing its objects with Arkhênum in 360 ̊ in order to upload them onto the heritage site. Micaëlle Amoussou Coussy is also working on the VIP private visits that she organizes which could include interactive tables with the heritage site accessible. The heritage concierge service provided by Arkhênum now allows the Remy Martin Heritage department to achieve more visibility internally by providing a tailor-made solution to its heritage needs.

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