The preservation of your cultural or industrial heritage through its digitization is at the heart of our concerns and those of our 70 employees.

Digitization of your documents and then their metadata enrichment and structuring (OCR, indexation, segmentation…) will enable you to reach your objectives: heritage preservation, heritage dissemination, time saving and productivity, …

Preserve your History, your Heritage

Whether you are a public or private institution, you are committed to preserving your documents (archives, maps, registers, patents, old press …) which acknowledge the history of an author, a discipline, a company. By digitizing your archives, you have a digital copy that will allow you to keep track of the originals and to offer digital consultation.
We offer this service in our workshops or at your premises.

Sharing of Heritage or know-how

Sharing a common memory is a founding value whether you are a public or private institution. A metadata enrichment associated with digital images (OCR processing, indexing …) allows you to integrate this structured data into your consultation tools.

Time saving and increased productivity

The digitization of your archives will allow you to free yourself from the consultation of originals through access to databases.

Easy and direct access to the desired information will improve the service provided to your employees (sales, communication, R & D, etc.) or to your customers.

Generating additional revenue

New business models emerge and generate additional revenues. The availability in high definition of these documents makes it easy to communicate it to your public for consultation, download or printing.

Iconographic material or publications are particularly suitable for these purposes.

Reinforcement of the brand image

The history of a brand / company is a major asset for internal and external communication actions.

The availability of archives in digital format opens a wide range of opportunities: corporate museums, company pages on Company websites, communication media (advertisements, trade shows, birthdays, etc.).

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