Europa Star opens its archives to subscribers


Watchmaking is a constantly developing world where know-how, tradition, and modernity come together. Since 1927, Europa Star magazine has published articles discussing technological advances, business strategies and “watchmaking culture” in the broadest sense. Click here to learn more about the magazine’s history

This international leader within the specialized watchmaking press sector is established in Switzerland, at the heart of the watchmaking ecosystem. Its coverage is global with publications in more than 5 different languages. A must!

Its unique comprehensiveness on this subject makes it an indispensable reference and tool within the field of watchmaking, for professionals and collectors alike.

Aware of the richness of its archives (dating back 93 years!) the magazine had already begun digitizing the emblematic publications in its portfolio:

  • The Eastern Jeweller and Watchmaker (1950-1995)
  • Europa Star Europe edition (1959-2016)
  • Europa Star Global edition (2017-to this day)

The digital versions of these publications are available to magazine subscribers from and via a database search. They’ve become an essential work tool for many professionals (communication and marketing departments, creatives and designers, etc.) as a one-stop location to research all kinds of information relating to a brand, technology, etc.

Following the platform’s success and the expectations of its subscribers, the 2nd phase of archive digitization has just been launched (late 2020) in collaboration with Arkhênum. This new digitization campaign will allow magazines dating from 1942 (“La Revista Relojera” collection) to the 2000s to be kept for posterity.

There are no less than 10 different collections covering various continents that will soon be available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as Chinese and Russian.

Digitizing the Europa Star collection in Arkhênum’s Geneva-based workshops


Through this ambitious project, Europa Star is fulfilling 2 essential objectives: to preserve its editorial heritage through digitizing its collections but also to offer its subscribers real added value.

 Other press publications have already identified the advantages they can derive from their history, going so far as to charge for access to their press or iconographic archives.

This policy first requires a reappropriation of this history though digitization, using providers such as Arkhênum who master press-related specificities (bound and unbound documents, glossy magazines, optical character recognition, etc.) and digitizing fixed images. Digitizing these archives opens up new perspectives for press publications in terms of communication and customer loyalty, and can even generate additional revenue.

A history with a guaranteed future…

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