Activity documents Digitization

Digitization and processing of your activity documents

Do you want to save space at your premises while having access to all your activity documents in just a few clicks? Document scanning is the key. It will allow you to spend time only on value-added tasks.
If you cannot prepare your documents or simply do not know how to archive or manage them, we can assist with on these essential steps of document processing.


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Activity documents digitization

Arkhenum digitizes all types of documents in its offices as well as at its client’s premises:

  • Accounting documents
  • Contracts and commercial files
  • HR files: pay slips, employment contracts, …
  • Invoices and supplier contracts
  • Technical documentation
  • Maps and plans both large and small

Activity documents preparation

Your documents are not ready to be digitized as they are? Our teams are able to prepare them at our premises or at your premises:

  • Dust removal
  • Deconditioning
  • Sorting, destruction
  • Reconditioning
  • Inventory of the collections

With proper processing, your document will be up-to-date for scanning and / or archiving.

Documentary audit

Our archivists are at your disposal to objectively analyse your documentary process. The completion of this audit will include a visit of your premises, an analysis of your practices and management tools and finally an exchange with the employees in charge of document management.
The purpose of a documentary audit will be to validate your situation with regards to regulations and to propose improvements to efficiency and productivity.
A documentary archiving policy may be proposed to optimize your management tools and possibly offer you adequate training.

Facility Management

Our teams can assist you on a daily basis with tasks of your choice or intervene in a specific way on certain missions: “cleaning day”, recovery of archives, …
We adapt our services according to your needs:

  • Preparation and regular transfer of archives
  • Complete management of your archives
  • Indexing and referencing of incoming archives
  • Conditioning of the documents to be archived

Our key strenghts

  • Our automatic scanners process your documents, large and small
  • Enrichment of images with the appropriate metadata
  • Audit and preparation of documents if necessary before scanning and / or archiving
  • Possibility of performing digitization and / or preparation services on your premises or at our premises
  • Outsourced archiving solutions for your archives

As a project manager on this pilot project of document digitization in Haute-Garonne, I worked with the service provider Arkhênum. This company has provided all its expertise throughout the duration of the project. Commitments of quality and deadlines were met.

Vincent Bertheau

Surveyor-Expert in Toulouse - Member of the Departmental Chamber of Land Surveyors of Haute-Garonne

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Activity document digitization

Watch a video of a digitization project and document processing done in our workshops.

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