Physical and Electronic archiving

Arkhênum advises and supports you with the physical and electronic archiving of your heritage documents and records.

Once your documents are available in digital format, the task we face is to ensure their sustainability and to ensure the accessibility of this data. Our IT department helps you with the major steps of the temporary hosting and digital archiving of images. Expert in this field, Arkhênum is a member of the AFNOR working group on digital archiving.

As the range and volume of your documents to be physically archived continue to grow, Arkhênum offers secure storage solutions that are close to you. In this regard, we have teamed up with our sister company, AGS Records Management, an specialist in its field to offer you a complete range of services for physical and electronic archiving.


Storage centersaround the world


Kilometersof linear archives


tera byteshosted

Preservation of your documents

We propose to host and physically manage your Heritage and activity documents in one of our archive centers. Access to the archive center is strictly regulated by personal codes to guarantee access only to authorized persons.

Thanks to mobile shelving controlled by secure code, you benefit from compartments dedicated solely to your assets.
The most stringent conservation standards are in place: room with temperature and humidity control, room without light, room with air extraction, …
We can tailor your compartment to your needs!

Permanent digital hosting

Do you not have enough space to store your data internally? Outsource this service by entrusting us with your data.

Even if you outsource the hosting, you will be able to access your data at any time from a unique and intuitive web interface. This is optimized for a secured connection (HTTPS) from any terminal connected to the Internet. Access to your data is guaranteed during the preservation of your documents.

Security and confidentiality of your physical archives

Our buildings are adapted to the archiving of Heritage and activity documents and are protected against intrusion, fire, water damage, humidity, … The confidentiality of your information is at the heart of all our processes: confidentiality clause for our staff, access control of the premises, strict access rights to our management system, random positioning of archives, absence of distinctive signs on packaging, management of documents by anonymous barcode.

Adaptability of our services to your needs

We listen to your needs in order to offer the most suitable services according to your requirements. Our archivists will actively support you in your projects with the development and implementation of personalized and sustainable solutions. Each of your requests (removal, destruction and digitization) is responded to by our teams.

Scientific and Customized management of your archives:

Step 1: Analysis of your organization
Step 2: Management of your archives at your premises
Step 3: Secured storage
Step 4: Consultation and restitution of your archives
Step 5: Destruction of archives

Our key strengths

  • More than a simple digitization service, a comprehensive and tailor-made service
  • Physical and digital archiving services
  • Options ranging from temporary hosting to permanent archiving

Want to know how to achieve your objectives? Let’s discuss!

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