Révélateur d'histoires

Because you understand that your History

• Legitimizes your strategic positioning and strengthens your credibility
• Certifies your know-how and justifies your expertise
• Strengthens your company’s culture and its collective memory
• Fuels your teams’ creativity inspired by your past works
• Makes you a unique company and differentiates you from your competition

Arkhênum’s Heritage Team offers you a tailor-made solution. Our team of experts will allow you to put your heritage at the service of your development.


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Audit & Consulting

What are your heritage markers? Are documents and objects available to illustrate or legitimize your history? Where are they? How can they be used? How to organize their archiving, preservation, restoration, metadata enrichment?

These are questions to which the audit phase provides clear, methodical and comprehensive answers. We deliver you a cartography of your assets: a real decision-making tool which will allow you to choose the heritage project to develop according to your budget and the time available.

Management policy for your archives

Our consultants help you set up an optimized management of your archives by setting up tools: archiving policy, preservation repository, filing plan, … Your heritage markers enhance your company in a thoughtful and sustainable way.

Inventory of your archives

Tasks we can achieve for you: Identification of your archives, collection of archives, selection and indexing according to your needs in a database, …

Benefits: your archives are identified, preserved and can radiate internally and externally thus serving as a source of inspiration for your marketing services or as decision support tools for your legal or commercial department.

Collection of testimonials

An employee who retires means a valuable know-how is lost.

Through audio-visual campaigns, we assist you with the preservation of this intangible heritage. You transform the history and memory of your employees into a real tool for valuing and retaining your employees. These testimonials will also be precious tools to share techniques, and irreplaceable knowledge of your company.

Historical research

Our historians reconstruct, based on sources, the story of a leader, a place, a logo, an ingredient of a perfume, … Our methodology allows your company to dive into the heart of its history. You discover unknown aspects of your company which can differentiate you from your competition. Your history becomes an essential part of your strategic assets and a formidable opportunity to strengthen your position in the market.

Why choose us

  • Global validation of your project, from preparation to sharing
  • A true decision-making tool at your disposal
  • Presentation of the expected results, supported by examples
  • Precise quotation to plan your project

Clear and precise, the different interventions have helped to better understand the different steps. A warm welcome and a friendly exchange. The speakers were open for discussion and answered our requests.

Virginie ARRUEBO

City of Oloron-Sainte-Marie Heritage Department Manager

Theytrust us

Case study

Case study

Rémy Martin

Micaëlle Amoussou Coussy, Director of Heritage at the Maison Rémy Martin, wanted to go further to realign the Heritage of the company as an anchoring element for any strategic considerations conducted by the Maison Rémy Martin. This approach makes perfect sense since the Heritage division is located in Cognac, while the Communication and Commercial teams are located in Paris.

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Over the years, Arkhênum has implemented standardised work processes to ensure flawless project management. You will then have a better understanding of the various steps necessary to carry out your project.

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