Our digitizationsolutions

Digitization of archive documents

Typology of documents managed

We digitize all of your unbound documents, from the A6 to A2 format: letters, bundles, unbound archives, student final reports, customer files, staff files, …

Typology of scanners and accessories used

Depending on your documents’ descriptive elements (dimensions, paper thickness, state of preservation, …), our teams will use the most appropriate scanners from our range of manual or automatic scanners.

Available metadata

If necessary, we can prepare your documents prior to their digitization (intellectual selection of documents, dust removal, sorting, inventory, staple removal, …). Based on their specificities, your documents will benefit from metadata.

  • OCR processing applied to the printed documents
  • Insertion of metadata in the images (IPTC, Dublin Core)
  • Manual indexing of handwritten fields

Delivery formats

We can deliver all types of format: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, TXT, …

Elements you need to consider

  • Are your documents classified
  • Document presentation: sleeves, box
  • Preparation prior to digitization: staple removal, flattening, …
  • Paper quality (transparency, acidity, …)
  • Digitization resolution (300, 400, 600, …)
  • Expected delivery file formats and delivery support
  • Service to be performed at the service provider or on your premises

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