Our digitizationsolutions

Digitization of audiovisual assets

Typology of documents managed

Arkhênum digitizes audiovisual documents of any kind: audio tapes, audio reels, VHS tapes, U-matic, 120mm, Super 8 and 16 mm films, …

Typology of scanners and accessories used

Depending on your documents’ descriptive elements (typology, state of preservation…), our teams will use the most appropriate scanners from our range: Memory Debrie, Variocord 263, JVC readers, …

The data processing is done on industry software: Ableton Live 9, Magix audio Cleaner, Adobe Première, …

Available metadata

Depending on their characteristics, your documents will benefit from specific processings to optimize the final reading:

  • Cleaning of the media
  • Digital restoration of the copies
  • Sequencing of the videos
  • Data compression

Delivery formats

We can deliver all types of format: Wav, AVI, MP3, MP4, …

Elements you need to consider

  • Are your documents classified
  • Conservation status of the assets
  • Documents presentation: reels, sheets, …
  • Length of the recordings to digitize
  • Precise identification of the types of documents to be digitized
  • Simple digitization or digitization with sequencing
  • Expected delivery file formats and delivery support

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