Our digitizationsolutions

Digitization of iconographic documents

Typology of documents managed

Arkhênum digitizes your opaque or transparent iconographic documents: postcards, photographs, glass plates, slides, Ekta chromes, negatives, objects.

Typology of scanners and accessories used

Depending on your documents’ descriptive elements (dimensions, fragility, …), our teams will use the most appropriate equipment: Phase One digital camera, Epson V750, …

We will use the necessary accessories such as a heritage glass, a backlit table as well as some spotlights to guarantee an optimal capture. The post-treatment is done on software tools such as Photoshop Lightroom.

Available metadata

Your documents will be able to benefit from specific processings based on their characteristics:

  • Physical dust removal from the documents
  • Manual indexing of the legends present on the document
  • Digital cleaning of the images
  • Software processing: colour correction, insertion of profile

Delivery formats

We can deliver all types of format: RAW, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, …

Elements you need to consider

  • Are your documents classified
  • Document presentation: envelopes, folders
  • Dimensions and state of preservation
  • Polarity (positive or negative), framing conditions
  • Digitization resolution (600, 1 200, 4 800)
  • Expected delivery file formats and delivery support
  • Service to be performed at the service provider or on your premises

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