Our digitizationsolutions

Large format document digitization

Typology of documents managed

Maps, technical plans (architecture, land registers…), posters, paintings, aerial photos, drawings, carbon copies…

Typology of scanners and accessories used

Depending on your documents’ descriptive elements (dimensions, state of preservation, flattening of the document), our teams will use the most appropriate scanners from our range of manual or automatic scanners.

For A0 and A00 scanners, we have accessories such as book holder for large documents to preserve the document’s integrity.

Available metadata

Your documents will benefit from specific processings to integrate metadata that’s useful for research

  • Insertion of metadata in the images (IPTC, Dublin Core)
  • Manual indexing of the handwritten fields
  • Post-treatment desktop publishing

Delivery formats

We can deliver all types of format: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, …

Elements you need to consider

  • Are your documents classified
  • Dimensions and state of preservation
  • Document presentation: flat, in rolls
  • Use of accessories to hold the document
  • Expected delivery file formats and delivery support
  • Service to be performed at the service provider or on your premises

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