Our digitizationsolutions

Microfilm digitization

Typology of documents managed

We digitize all of your microfilm media: documentary microfiches, aperture cards, 16mm and 35 mm microfilms.

Typology of scanners and accessories used

Digitization is done in grayscale on a Wicks & Wilson 8850 scanner. Specific settings are defined based on the documents in order to optimize the digitization.

Available metadata

Your documents will benefit from specific processings such as:

  • Insertion of metadata in the images (IPTC, Dublin Core)
  • Simple or specific indexation
  • Image processing: optimisation of the cropping, straightening

Delivery formats

We can deliver all types of format: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, …

Elements you need to consider

  • Are your documents classified
  • Document presentation: reels, sheets, …
  • Specificity of the microforms (positive/negative, magnification rate)
  • Insertion of dividers
  • Expected delivery file formats and delivery support
  • Service to be performed at the service provider or on your premises

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