The Museum of Brittany launches its collection work with Arkhênum

At the beginning of 2021, Arkhênum began an exceptional venture with the Museum of Brittany in Rennes. The museum, located at the heart of the Champs Libres cultural center, has started work on its rich photographic collection comprising over 500,000 references dating from the late 19th and 20th centuries.

For 6 years, our team of 5 archivists will bring all their know-how to bear for the following missions:

– Dust removal and reconditioning of phototypes

– Inventory of items in the museum’s base

– Indexing of digitized images



The photographic reserve contains many items made from cellulose nitrate, a material that is particularly unstable, toxic and extremely flammable.

Copyright: CC BY SA – Picture A. Amet, photograp lab  Museum of Britanny


Arkhênum’s team, who are trained in handling these fragile items, will contribute to safeguarding this photographic heritage.


The collection will eventually be available for everyone to enjoy via the museum portal. Temporary exhibitions and publications will also help bring this remarkable collection to the fore.


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